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Dear people, if someone told me 3-4 months back that I was going to get help from above and that I was going to rise up spiritually, I simply would not have believed it, but it’s funny how life works and sends into ourselves just the right people who will help us grow into the real person that we are supposed to be which is behind all the persona, personality and conditioning. Anyway, what I want to say is that the although I have never met this guy who lives on the other side of the planet, but it was the Skype session that really connected me with his energy and was able to get me out of my auto pilot mode of living in to the present moment! Although all his videos are full of valuable information but my personal favourite are the ones on ‘sungazzing’ , ‘being Neutral’ , and ‘letting go’, all these videos are full of little pieces of truth that are worth more than jewels. I thank you Billy and the cosmos for bringing this beautiful experience in my life. Billy may God bless you abundantly today and always, and thank you for bringing more meaning and love to my life. Keep making those videos.┬áLove,

The most obvious things are the hardest to see.With Billy’s presence and insight,I understood another layer of what’s been in front of me.I wasn’t sure what dynamic to expect of whether it would be like teacher-student or some type of guiding force.It felt like a friend that’s known you for a while there’s purity, honesty, and love in his spirit that allows you to expose your inner secrets and I walked away feeling understood, heard, and free.

I met Billy after watching a few of his videos on YouTube. Once I felt a connection to him online, I reached out and we not only became good friends and business partners, but we also have frequent talks that allow both of us much needed spiritual growth with every word spoken. Billy has a way of simplifying spiritual meaning written in language and scripture, and leaders like Billy are crucial for the future evolution of our species.